The Global Emergency Care Initiative (GECI) of the University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine strives to improve the emergency health outcomes in communities worldwide via leadership in sustainable and innovative education, service, research and advocacy.



GECI promotes efficient, effective, timely access to quality life-saving services for all people, especially those in resource limited contexts. GECI is committed to:

  1. Delivering outstanding programmatic implementation, including the rigorous evaluation necessary to demonstrate impact;
  2. Supporting training of health professionals, managers and others to improve performance of emergency care delivery within national health systems;
  3. Provides action-oriented research to define adaptive solutions that reach all people, effectively and efficiently;
  4. Promote access to essential emergency services in al places at all times.


  • Excellence in mission
  • Equitable, trustful collaborations
  • Local engagement & appropriateness to context
  • Sustainability & cost-effectiveness
  • Rigorous evaluation and accountability



The overarching goal of GECI is to become a domestically and internationally renowned leader of excellence in global emergency medicine education, service and outreach, research and advocacy while cultivating innovative solutions and unique partnerships within each strategy pillar.


  • GOAL: Provide pragmatic implementation of emergency care solutions that deliver outstanding performance & build effective networks in varying resource contexts. 

  •  Example: Trainees in emergency medicine participate in learning the provision of clinical emergency care in a myriad of international settings, including sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and the Caribbean


  • GOAL: To educate and expand a broad portfolio of human resources, trained to improve service delivery by matching priority health problems with essential resources, emphasizing interdisciplinary integration.
  • Example: Domestic Education
    • Medical student education introduces global health principles and fosters student interest and participation in responsible service learning experiences.
    • Resident education includes journal clubs to stay abreast of current international developments, mentorship to foster engaging and ethical clinical experiences as well as provide guidance in developing and participating in sound research endeavors. 
    • GECI is home to the Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship,  a 12 month (without obtaining an MPH) or 24 month (with obtaining an MPH) graduate medical education program designed to train EM physicians in global emergency medicine concepts, provide the field experience in application of these concepts, and to provide research skills necessary to become an academic clinician with a specialty in global emergency medicine.
  • Example: International Education
    • Our global health faculty have designed, implemented and scaled up innovative educational emergency and disaster medicine courses with multiple international partners in resource-constrained settings including Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, and Tanzania.


  • GOAL: Support research efforts and growth of research networks, able to transform evidence based findings into distinct policy options that promote, protect and restore health.
  • Example: Research includes assessing pre- and in-hospital patient outcomes, effective emergency care interventions, as well community health and capacity building strategies. Our faculty and residents frequently present and disseminate findings in domestic and international scientific meetings.


  • GOAL: Collect, analyze, synthesize and disseminate high quality information needed to ensure specific health risks and health system issues are understood and adequately prioritized by key stakeholders.
  • Example: Faculty, fellows and residents participate in a variety of projects and partnerships that foster the development of emergency care, including the African Federation for Emergency Medicine and the WHO Emergency, Trauma, and Acute Care programme. 

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