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The Department of Emergency Medicine’s mission includes the development of emergency care and health outcomes beyond the borders of the United States. Towards satisfying this mission, our faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students are actively engaged in a spectrum of responsible and innovative global health activities. These span domains of public health, pre- and in-hospital clinical medicine, advocacy, and prevention in multiple settings internationally.


Trainees in emergency medicine participate in learning the provision of clinical emergency care in a myriad of international settings, including sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and the Caribbean


Global health education, delivered by our core global health faculty, occurs domestically and internationally. Domestically: Medical student education introduces global health principles and fosters student interest and participation in responsible service learning experiences. Resident education includes journal clubs to stay abreast of current international developments, mentorship to foster engaging and ethical clinical experiences as well as provide guidance in developing and participating in sound research endeavors. Internationally, our global health faculty have designed, implemented and scaled up innovative educational emergency and disaster medicine courses with multiple international partners in resource-constrained settings including Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, and Tanzania.


Faculty and residents in the Department of Emergency Medicine are actively engaged in cutting edge global health research. Research includes assessing pre- and in-hospital patient outcomes, effective emergency care interventions, as well community health and capacity building strategies. Our faculty and residents frequently present and disseminate findings in domestic and international scientific meetings.


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