Past Courses:

Global Health Primer Course

University of Colorado Anschutz Campus

September 21, 2015 & December 8, 2016

  • Target audience: Healthcare professionals (RNs, NPs, PAs, EMTs) at the University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Department
  • Purpose: to provide foundational knowledge and an appreciation of priority global health conditions, challenges to addressing global health, and effective global healthcare strategies. The role of the US-based healthcare professional, to contribute responsibly to improving global health, will be central to all content. The course will have a moderate focus on disaster medicine, acute care, and systems of emergency care in lower income settings internationally.
  • Objectives
    •  To understand the global burden of disease, shifts in global epidemiology, and global healthcare priorities
    • To understand the role of leading international health agencies, and effective strategies towards addressing global health priorities, with a focus on low-to-middle income countries.
    • To understand the intersection of acute and emergency healthcare
    • To understand the role of the USA healthcare professional in contributing responsibly and effectively to improving global health or in disaster response. Models for high quality involvement will be reviewed
    • The appreciate the depth and breadth of socio-cultural, medical, and ethical complexities that may arise during global health work or disaster response. Simulation and role-playing will be utilized for demonstration