Ongoing Projects

Emergency Care Outcomes Project (ECOP)

Emergency Care e intervention package at district hospitals in Uganda and Tanzania

AFEM Clinical & Operational Protocols

GECI has committed to develop clinical and operational pathways appropriate to the African region. Intend to distribute across Africa region via AFEM

Quality Indicators for Emergency Care in Africa

Development of quality indicators for emergency care in low resource settings via Delphi methodology

Access Indicators for Emergency Care in Africa

Development of access indicators for emergency care in low resource settings via Delphi methodology

15 Year Review of African Emergency Care Literature

Conducting and publishing a 15-year systematic review of emergency medicine literature in Africa.

Improving Outcomes in Prehospital Hemorrhagic Shock

A prehospital Implementation and Outcomes phase II trial to improve outcomes in traumatic shock.

Validating an EMS Triage Tool

Conducting a validation study of SATS for prehospital use; Dev’t of a novel EMS triage tool.

Standardizing EM Chief Complaints

Developing an internationally standardized & validated set of chief complaints (and definitions) for African EM research and dev’t.

Central America & Mexico EMS Assessment

Assessing the state of EMS systems in each country to inform research and development.

Adherence to Universal Travel Screening in the ED

Assessing the overall adherence to the travel screening protocol during the Ebola 2014 epidemic and identifying factors associated with non-adherence

REBOA in Resource-limited Settings

Assessing the potential role of REBOA for hemorrhagic shock in appropriate resource limited settings. 

Optic Nerve Sheath Ultrasound Training and Performance

Continuing previously published work to develop a method of teaching accurate and reliable measurements of optic nerve sheath diameter as proxy for intracranial pressure to providers in resource limited settings.

Pediatric Resuscitation Outcomes at Khayelitsha District Hospital

Assessing characteristics and outcomes of pediatric patients requiring resuscitation and implications for resource distribution.

Cultural and Religious Barriers to Emergency Ultrasound Use in Africa

Investigating results of previous surveys of barriers to ultrasound use in Africa.  Specifically looking at fetal sex determination, elective abortion, and religious beliefs.

Simulation for improved preparation and performance in inexperienced global health providers

Developing a pre-departure simulation based curriculum to better prepare US medical students for work in resource limited settings.

Understanding Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) at Dhulikel Hospital, Nepal

Survey study of pregnant women presenting for prenatal care at clinics in the Kavre District in Nepalregarding their understanding and practice of EBF

Evaluation of the South Africa Elective at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Survey evaluation of past participants of the South Africa Elective at CU SOM

Community health assessment, research and education

Implementation in Haiti and Ghana