The Global Emergency Care Initiative (GECI) supports novel partnerships and practical solutions to bring timely, quality emergency care to all people, especially in resource-limited contexts. GECI provides focus, strategy and programmatic support for emergent health issues in University of Colorado’s effort to improve health globally. We have a proven track record of international success of our faculty with the development of interventions and practical tools to improve emergency service delivery and improve outcomes, backed by published research.  

Our faculty, fellows, members and partners are actively engaged in a spectrum of responsible and innovative global health activities. These initiatives span the domains of primary prevention, public health, out of hospital and facility-based emergency care, and global emergency care advocacy in multiple international settings. Join us to help bring emergency care worldwide! 

What's happening at GECI


University of Colorado Global Emergency Care Initiative

Department of Emergency Medicine
Leprino Building, 7th Floor
Campus Box B-215
12401 E. 17th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045