Support the Initiative

Your generous donation enables us to improve the emergency health outcomes of communities in our target project areas via sustainable impact and worldwide reach. Working alongside local partners we implement clinical emergency care solutions that emphasize growth and sustainability of developing emergency health systems. We design programmatic innovations that emphasize proven low-cost solutions, increase access to quality emergency services and – most critically – provide life saving interventions when they are needed most. Join us today as we strive to change the world in the following domains.


Your donation will support our work in advocating for and providing timely, universal access to quality emergency care, such as working in partnership with the next generation of global health leaders.


Your donation will support ongoing rigorous evaluation of our programs and implementation of life-saving interventions, such as testing maximally effective trauma education techniques with paramedics in South Africa.


Your donation will support our efforts to educate African providers in emergency care via courses, such as the WHO Basic Emergency Care Course which has been shown to reduce mortality by 50% in African settings.

Clinical Care

Your donation will support the development of practical clinical solutions to aid emergent care delivery in resource-limited settings, such as the GECI's Clinical Pathways Project, that puts easy-to-implement clinical decision support in the hands of African providers via an app-based platform accessed at the bedside.


All donations are tax-deductible and made via the University of Colorado Foundation directly to the Global Emergency Care Initiative.  The University of Colorado Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.