Ongoing Projects

Development of Emergency Care in Zambia

Dr. Calvello-Hynes, Dr. Bellows, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Mould-Millman, Dr. Richards

Sustainably improve the emergency health outcomes of populations by implementing a sustainable emergency care bundle of interventions, including the WHO Basic Emergency Care course. Beginning with one exemplary province in Zambia, then extending to other provinces in partnership with key Zambian stakeholder agencies using a train the trainer model.

AFEM Clinical & Operational Protocols 

Dr. Calvello-Hynes, Dr. Bellows, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Mould-Millman, Dr. Richards

Collaborating Institutions: African Federation for Emergency Medicine

Development of clinical and operational pathways appropriate to the African region ultimately placing critical decision tools in the hands of frontline providers.

Emergency Care Outcomes Project (ECOP)
Bagamoyo and Kisarwe Tanzania; Mubende and Kawolo Uganda

Dr. Dixon

Collaborating Institutions: World Health Organization, African Federation for Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Brigham and Women’s Harvard

Implementation of a simple emergency care educational and process improvement package including the WHO Basic Emergency Care course, standardized triage and medical and trauma checklists for emergency patients. Implementation effectiveness includes evaluation of mortality for five sentinel clinical conditions as the primary outcome.

Improving Outcomes in Prehospital Hemorrhagic Shock

Dr. Mould-Millman, Dr. Dixon

Collaborating Institutions: Western Cape Government EMS, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Multi-phase project to improve the quality of care provided to traumatic shock patients by prehospital providers through a novel shock care curriculum for EMS providers. Training is delivered in ambulances and taught by peer educators. The education platform can be filled with new content for ongoing training.

Quality Indicators for Emergency Care in Africa

Dr. Calvello-Hynes, Dr. Dixon

Collaborating Institutions: AFEM

Determine context-appropriate quality indicators that will allow uniform and objective data collection to enhance emergency care delivery throughout Africa. Utilized a multiphase expert consensus process to identify, rank and refine quality indicators.

15 Year Review of African Emergency Care Literature

Dr. Mould-Millman, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Burkholder

Systematic review of emergency care literature relevant to the African context. Publication trends reflect level of development on the continent and within countries

Assessing use of the South African Triage Scale (SATS) in the Prehospital Environment

Dr. Mould-Millman, Dr. Dixon

Collaborating Institutions: WCG EMS, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Assessment of the current use of SATS, the current triage tool in the prehospital setting using a multi-method approach including assessments and focus groups. Aim is to refine and improve the use and performance of a triage tool that addresses the unique needs of the prehospital environment.

Emergency Medicine Bootcamp for Panamanian Medical Students

Dr. Dixon

Collaborating Institutions: University of Panama, School of Medicine

Two course series consisting of Emergency Medicine Fundamentals and Emergency Medicine Processes and Procedures. Course taught in Spanish to medical student near graduation, many who will practice solo in rural communities less than two years after graduation with minimal exposure to emergency care.

Understanding Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) at Dhulikel Hospital, Nepal 

Dr. Bellows

Survey study of pregnant women presenting for prenatal care at clinics in the Kavre District in Nepal regarding their understanding and practice of EBF.

Past Projects

Central America & Mexico EMS Assessment

Dr. Mould-Millman

Evaluation of EMS systems to inform research and development.

Adherence to Universal Travel Screening in the ED

Dr. Burkholder

Assessing the overall adherence to the travel screening protocol during the Ebola 2014 epidemic and identifying factors associated with non-adherence

Survey on Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Agencies and Systems in Africa

Dr. Mould-Millman, Dr. Dixon

Collaborating Institutions: African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM)

Description: Multi-phase survey of local experts to categorize and characterize current African EMS systems.