Emergency Care Pathways

Emergency Care Pathways address acute presentations that account for the largest burden of disease in African countries. The pathways provide standardized case management recommendations for emergency conditions in all resource settings and integrate other effective tools such as the WHO Trauma and Medical Care Checklist. They are designed to be used as a reference for all cadres of health care workers who deal with emergency conditions in resource-limited settings.

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In order to evaluate and continually improve the Emergency Care Pathways, we request all users to register using the form below. Registered users will receive an email from AgileMD, the online platform. All pathways may be accessed via a computer or the AgileMDapp. For those with limited internet access, printable pathways are available on the platform.

Registered users may be contacted for ongoing improvement of the Emergency Care Pathways.

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The Emergency Care Pathways are being made available free of charge but take substantial effort to create and maintain. If you are financially able, please consider making a donation to support your use of the pathways. All donations are tax deductible.